🔥 Never Be Lazy Again…. 🔥

Do you wonder how some people accomplish so much in a day , as effortless as breathing and still have Very High Energy while others never have time and are always Struggling , giving excuses all the time and Firefighting🎯

Hey 👋, I’m Kishor M, I Worked in US SiliconValley, I am an Ex HedgeFund Mgr , Edtech Entrepreneur & Startup Angel Investor . While working in USA I have seen a lot of top Tech CEO and successful people jumping out of bed early in the morning and going for Walks from 5am onwards. 🎁

I love sleeping but I decided one day to join them . While walking I asked them why they wake up every day in the morning including weekend and go for Walks and this is what they told me “We don’t make our FUTURE we make our HABITS and our HABITS make our FUTURE. GOOD and RICH Habits will lead to Good and Rich Life. BAD and POOR Habits will lead to BAD and Poor Life and those words changed my life …❤️

I realised waking up early was a good habit , it made me more productive, mentally and physically fit , increased my energy level and it brings better sleep quality 😍

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5 am walk together challenge

DATE: 5TH September, Tuesday 2023

TIME: 8:00 PM (GMT +8)


Here’s how the 5 AM WALK has transformed me:

💥 It Killed my Procrastination , Laid Back Attitude and I become accountable

💥 Removed distractions and 10X my productivity

💥 I Became Mentally & Physically Fit to achieve Success and Face Challenges in Life to reach my Goals

💥 I surprised people around me and I started to Look and Feel like a Charm

💥 Developed healthier and positive habits and routine that made me more confident & energetic

💥 STOPPED my internal VOICE and Excuses and started taking action and getting results

The good news is you will not be Walking alone , I will be walking along with you , with hundreds of other participants. I am inviting you to be a part of my “5 Day Joyful Walk Together Challenge starting at 5 AM ” a 30-45 minute/Day Online . 👍

We will be having 15mins of WALK for physical fitness and 15mins of LEARNING for mental fitness!!! I will be pushing you for 5 days to become a better version of yourself. 🎁

👉 Here’s what you’re going to discover in our 5 Day Walk Togather Webinar Class

✅ Discover Secret no 1
After this 5 Day WALK TOGATHER Webinar Class you will get more energy to focus on your work

✅ Discover Secret no 2
A New Relationship with your Body . Joyful Weight loss forever ( NO GYM, NO DIET , NO EXCUSES !!!)

✅ Discover Secret no 3
Declutter your Mind , Get clarity and calm even in chaos

✳️ Who Is This ZOOM Class For ✳️

👉 Want to Overcome lack of confidence , procrastination and Laid back attitude

👉 Live the healthy life you’ve always dreamed of

👉 You want to stop feeling fatigued and lack of Energy the whole day

👉 Stop getting mentally disturbed when things don’t go your way

👉 Become Unstoppable, Work like Clockwork and Achieve your Goals

Original Value 499$ – Register Now for only 99$– Limited Time offer for 1st 20 Only after which price will be increased back to original value. 👌

Register for 5 DAY Joyful Walk Zoom Webinar , Our Events our usually SOLD OUT

🙂 So make sure you reserve your seat …See you in the inside.

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frequently asked questions

The webinar is onlline and will be held on Zoom.

This webinar is for all the people who want to Overcome lack of confidence , procrastination , Laid back attitude and live a Joyful Life.

Attending the webinar on laptop with good internet connectivity is advisable for a better learning experience.

No recordings are provided to ensure every registrant attends the webinar live and gets the best out of it.

Terms and conditions regarding the collection and use of your personal data:

By registering you’re consenting to receiving communications from our staff in the form of (i) Verifying your identity; (ii) Performing obligations in the course of or in connection with our provision of the goods and or services requested by you; (iii) Responding to, handling, and processing queries, requests, applications, complaints and feedback from you; (iv) Managing you relationship with us; (v) Processing any transactions; (vi) Sending you marketing information about our goods or services; (vii) Contacting you via SMS, Whatsapp, and Emails and Calls to facilitate post-registration communication.


We are an Education company and hence is NOT regulated or licensed . We make no representation , warranties or guarantees whether expressed or implied , made to the contents in the program is accurate , complete or uptodate.