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DATE: 5TH September, Tuesday 2023

TIME: 8:00 PM (GMT +8)


How big is the creator

There are more than 200 million creators in the worldwide creator economy, and it’s worth about $250 billion. This includes creators of all kinds, including social media influencers, video creators, podcasters, bloggers, artists, course creators and the like.

But where are all these creators sharing their content? Here’s a breakdown of the preferred social media platforms derived from a 2023 survey:

TikTok (28%)
Youtube (23%)
Facebook (17%)
Instagram (16%)
Twitter (8%)
Other (Udemy etc)
According to the same report, TikTok and YouTube are currently the platforms that generate the most revenue for creators.

Who can become a

Anyone with the passion and motivation can become a creator. It all comes down to creating content that people want, while building a personal brand that people trust and believe in.
Those who’ll see the most success are those who are genuine and honest. In a world of misused filters and Photoshop faux pas, people are done with smoke and mirrors — they want to connect with and spend on what’s real.
No matter which route you take, there are a few fundamental pointers to keep top of mind as you begin to solidify your personal brand and claim your space in the creator economy.

1. Find the gap

Don’t do what everyone else does in the same way they’re doing it. Take your time to learn what’s missing in the market, and fill that gap with a unique offer and voice.

2. Understand your audience
To take the guesswork out of what people want, just ask them. Being able to curate both your free and paid content to their exact wants will ensure brand affinity and even sales.

3. Be consistent
If you want to stay on people’s radar, you need to be consistent with posting your content. Get into a cadence that works for you and stick to it. Don’t just post to post, post to bring value and remain top of mind.

4. Be real
Authenticity is gold in the creator economy. People want to relate to someone real who shares the same struggles and knows how to get vulnerable, because that’s what being human is all about.

5. Never compromise your integrity
Even if a brand dangles a well-priced carrot, if it doesn’t align with your personal values or connect to your brand’s vision, don’t take them on. Your audience will sniff that out easily and may even take a hike.



1) What funnel is right for your offer (and why it might not be what you’re thinking…)

2) The single greatest funnel that magnetically attracts customers to YOU without having to chase or spend a ton of money on ads

3) How to quickly construct irresistible “eye-grabbing” headlines that practically force customers to sit-up, pay attention and buy

4) Email follow-ups! Discover auto email secret EVERYONE must have and how to easily write them in a single day, even if you think you suck at writing!!

5) Your unique hook that no one else is doing and has the potential of reeling in the Awesome customers you want!

6) How to create YOUR story that resonates with your core audience… and how to “Share” this story across all of your marketing efforts for instant brand recognition!

7) Where are your “golden customers” hanging out and how can YOU get in front of them?

8) How to automatically bring in customers, clients like clockwork, WITHOUT blowing the bank on running low converting ads

9) How to easily create WINNING VIDEO ADS that crush on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

10) How to “stack” your offer the RIGHT WAY that increases your average cart value and customer lifetime value at the same time

11) How to Make Sales EVEN IF You Don’t Have A Product! You will learn how you can make lots of money by selling other people’s products!

WE Help you create an online offer

Regardless of what you do for a living, the odds are pretty good that we can help you turn your expertise into an online course. The secret is finding something you’re knowledgable about AND that you’re passionate about teaching.


You can create a course on Property/Stocks wherein you teach people how to earn active and passive income from buying and selling property / stocks including getting housing loan from bank , finding the right property agent , rental income etc

Life Coach Example…

If you’re a Life Coach, you could create an online course that helps people manage all aspects of their life. From managing their time to improving their quality of life and happiness.

Fitness/Health Coach Example…

Fitness/Health coaches can easily create everything from online meal and weight loss programs to complete 6-month workout and fitness programs. 

Social Media Marketing Example…

If your passion is social media marketing then you could create a course that teaches people the ins and outs of building a brand on social. You can create modules that teach people how to set up their profiles properly, how to increase engagement, manage groups, etc.

This Webinar is for you if

⦁  You want to launch a profitable funnel to get more customers & sales for your business but don’t know where & how to start
⦁ You don’t know how to use AI tools to build an entire marketing funnel and implement it to grow your business
⦁  You are a complete beginner with no experience & no technical skills and have never used any AI Tools before
⦁  You don’t have enough budget to spend on agencies & freelancers to build your marketing funnel
⦁  Your existing funnels are not converting well enough
⦁  You want to make your funnel seamless and automated so that it makes your business profitable without any hassle

If you’re already posting content on Social Media… But you’re not monetizing it , then you’re leaving money on the table. Look at above Indonesian student how he monetised his social media posting and fetched
USD 1 million

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