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The Cost of Living is Shooting up ⬆️ 📈and the value of your money that you have saved up is burning away ⬇️ 📉 . If you are looking to Learn how you can earn an extra income and grow your money then you have come to the right place.

This FREE webclass is designed specifically for people curious about Crypto | DEFI | NFT’s | Metaverse…  But want to hear the real, unfiltered truth and not be sold empty “HYPE” and “BS”.

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People are sick of making poor investment decisions.
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You’ve seen the Crypto and NFT space booming these past few years – and you might be curious about it. 

You might even have invested in a bit of Crypto yourself. 

But more likely than not, you only have small, limited knowledge about the industry. 

Chances are – You have burning questions like these:

What does Crypto | Defi | NFT really mean?

 Is the technology really going to be with us for the next few decades?

What does this mean for the average person?

 Why are so many people getting burnt?

Why is everyone selling the “hype’?

Why Options Does Not Require
Huge Capital to Get High Returns?

How to Reduce Risk in Options

How to Time Entry & Exit with
Option Trading?

How to Trade Options?
with Live Demo


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Returns on CRYPTO and NFT can be life-changing. At the same time, it can also be risky. The good news is that we are in the midst of a Crypto Winter now. ❄️

Crypto and NFT prices have dropped a long way and stayed low for months now.

🔎 Which means that IF you know how to spot the right projects and NFT’s today, you could win big later on.

ZERO FLUFF, all covered in this Webinar for FREE (Limited Seats, First Come First Serve)

We are going to SHOW you exactly how you can find amazing crypto projects and upside potential NFT’s…

What opportunities, network, jobs, and community the space has to offer…

And how the average person can get in…

Without any “hype”

Without any “pipe dreams”

Without any “BS”

THIS Crypto Made Easy Masterclass IS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU IF:

You're sick of going in circles for your crypto investing, and want to start seeing real returns

You have challenges with traditional investment methods, and want to LEARN MORE ABOUT CRYPTO

You need tested-and-proven strategies from veteran players in the industry

You are seeking ways to reduce your risks in crypto investment

You're looking to invest, but have no basic knowledge about cryptocurrency or trading

You're still wondering if THE crypto space is a good market to go into

learn to invest like a vc - Event TRAINER: kishor M

Who Is Kishor M, And Why Everyone Is Calling Him “The King of Daily Income"

founder & CEO of madforNFTs, Crowdfundjunction,

Kishor M started his career with an OTC Broker and thereafter worked in USA (Silicon Valley) with Asia-Tech a B2B Marketplace. He then moved to Singapore and started his own hedge fund. He also founded Future1Exchange – A licensed Cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, Estonia. He then joined ProPine as a Director Business Development. Propine is a Singapore MAS regulated Tokenization and Custody service provider for Digital Assets serving Institutions/Funds/FamilyOffice/VC and Crypto Exchanges. Thereafter he joined PlayerMON, a Play To Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse as Chief Growth Officer. He is currently CEO of a Crypto DAO Venture Capital. He is also founder of , NFT Launch Partner for Celebrity, Influencer, Fashion, Art, Property and Brands.
Success Has Not Come To Kishor M Easily.
Like many people, Kishor M began in life by getting an education and finding a job. He was brought up to believe that this was the only way towards a safe future.
But despite his qualifications, they were pointless in the face of the Dotcom crash and the Asian fiscal crisis. The firms that he worked for closed, and through no fault on his own, he was left without a job.
To have this happen twice was a real wake up call. He had to overcome obstacles that he never expected.
So he knows how it is like. Most people work doggedly to earn a living, yet it feels like a never-ending treadmill. After paying the bills, there doesn’t appear to be sufficient left over to enjoy what life has to offer.
He knows exactly how this feels, because he was there twice.
He will share in this Masterclass how the worst times brings the best opportunities and how Metaverse & Web3 will be creating new jobs and Business.
Kishor M has conducted Derivatives seminars for global Brokers such as REFCO based in Singapore and Regional brokers like CIMB based in Malaysia.
His articles have appeared in Singapore Stock Exchange magazine and he has been featured in Indonesia ( Jawa Pos ) & Middle east newspaper ( Khaleej Times ) and has also been featured in Bloomberg TV, BBC, Malaysia Business television Channel & Singapore Channel NewsAsia, stories Radio 93.8 FM, Asian Banker journal, and on worldwide Hedge Fund sites such as Hedge fund Center, HedgeWeek, HedgeFund Research and Hedge Funds World.


Trade Confidently with our Exact Entry and Exit Signals

Introduction to Crypto | DeFi | NFT and what all of these really means... and why it matters to an average person like you.

UnderStand centralised and decentralised exchanges... and gain knowledge & insight into new potential profit avenues

Gain from trading a range of Crypto , FX , Stocks, Commodities etc without owning them through - Futures & Options.

How to spot good investment opportunities and look out for the bad ones in the Crypto | NFT | DeFi space - guided by A VC with over 20+ years of investing experience

Scams every Crypto | NFT | DeFi investor should be aware of - avoid the common, costly pitfalls made beginners and shorten your path to consistent returns.

Where the Crypto industry is headed in 2023 (and beyond) - The biggest reasons why Crypto is going to be bigger in the future, and how you can stand to gain from its growth

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Join other members of your cohort to share your ideas and dive more deeply into the topics we discuss in the workshops.

Social Events

Get to know your other Crypto Academy participants in a relaxed environment. Join past and present Academy students where the discussion never stops!


The assignments will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to think more deeply on the topics that we discuss in the workshops.

Copy My Proven System To Generate Daily Income

Invest along with our Community. We’re backed by a global community of Crypto LPs including business Angels, Corporate executives, Family offices and PE firms. Participate In Highly Vetted Crypto Token Offerings With Collective Intelligence.

What others say about the crypto made easy masterclass


CLAIRE We’ve covered everything possibly that has to do with crypto – trading, to minting NFTs, to DeFi – you name it we covered it. Your patience just has been unbounding, I’ve never known a more patient man Kishor! Thank you so much, I’m so grateful.
LIA I’m a new beginner, so I did not know anything about NFTs and things like that – so you can be sure that you will get all the support you need from Kishor. He is a really patient man, and repeats everything till we all get it. If you’re considering on joining, really please do – because you’ll be getting way more than you’re expecting.
SUSHIL I started with $5,000, and made $49,000 in 3 weeks. I invested in 5 different crypto coins and made money in all of them Feels good to be able to do so!
BHAVESH I have made USD 55,000. I’ve attended every class Kishor has held without fail. I’m saying with all honesty that I’m quitting my job now because of Kishor’s teachings, and I’m progressing very well.
WAI HONG I enjoyed (Kishor’s course) thoroughly as it gives me a good idea of what kind of instruments are available for investments, and it also helped me to understand where I failed in my own investment efforts. I thoroughly recommend Kishor’s course as he actually hand-holds each one of us, even through the difficult technical details, and always delivers his very best.
ABDEL I started with Kishor around 1 month ago, and just following his advice and signals – I’m doing really well! A few days ago Kishor recommended we invest in Ripple, and I made 27,000 in just 3 days. I started with 500 when I attended the first workshop, and in the second I decided to put 10,000 – and today, it’s almost 64,000… Just from 1 month of following Kishor!


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This webinar is absolutely free of charge, with no additional costs to unlock what Kishor will be presenting you. we’ll also throw in tons of bonuses, just to thank you for your participation!

Our classes are specifically catered for all experience levels – from absolute beginners to experienced veterans. You won’t need any prior experience to attend this event.

The event will be held virtually, via zoom – so there’s no need for you to travel anywhere. Do make sure that you’ll be using a laptop or desktop for the best experience.

We want everyone coming in to have the best experience learning.

To ensure this, we’ve limited the amount of participants so that everyone can receive Kishor’s help during the event.

1) Generate Another Stream of Income and Keep Your Job/Business
2) Have the Option To Quit Your Job and Freedom To Work Whenever and Wherever You Like
3) No Longer Worry About Money and Be truly FREE!

1)Beginner Investors:
How to create a winning plan & enter the right trades – from the get-go!

2)Frustrated Investors:
Stuck in your trades? Learn how to convert a losing trade into a winning trade

3)Risk-Averse Investors:
“Play it safe” strategy to reduce the risk of losing your capital

That’s a great question, right? Here’s the thing, when it comes to trading, you need money to make money in this business. For example, let’s say your trading strategy does 20% a year, and you have a $1,000 trading account. That’s about $200 a year. But now, what if your trading account is a million dollars and you make the same 20% a year? That’s $200,000 a year. This is the exact reason why hedge funds out there, they raise millions, if not billions of dollars. Because they know capital is key when you’re trading the financial markets. Without capital, your trading strategy, you can have the best strategy out there, it’s pretty much useless. This is the reason why I teach others how to trade the markets. Not only am I passionate about it , but also it helps me to increase my capital size so I can make more money from the financial market.

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